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Tankless Water Heaters


Savior Plumbing in Pleasanton, CA is a licensed plumbing contractor able to provide you with Tankless Water Heaters that deliver an endless supply of hot water – and energy savings up to 50 percent.  This means lower energy consumption for your household or business and lower greenhouse gas emissions.  Our journeyman plumbers – not trainees – install and repair Rinnai and Takagi tankless heaters, two of the leading brands.


Benefits of tankless heaters from Savior:


  • No energy wasted by storing heated water, as with conventional water heaters
  • Endless supply of water generated with 30% – 50% less energy
  • Lower carbon dioxide emissions than traditional tank-type heaters
  • Consistent, safe water temperatures with precise digital control
  • Life span of 20 years or more


Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters heat water only on demand, so you heat only the waer you will use.  Their design is compact, they last longer than  conventional tank heaters, cost less to run, and produce lower greenhouse-gas emissions.


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